Service concept


No one ever is available if you need urgent help, and the electronic data processing can only be serviced only after work? - A maintenance during the opening times of your company would mean a shutdown of your computer system and thereby lead to a loss of income. That's why you choose us, because we have no set opening times and help you when you need help (outside of your opening times).


Why struggle when you can easily and at any time get help ? - Competent professional service is our nature! CNE , ASE , MCP & other training standards are the basis of a profitable partnership between you and us and good service is an indispensable factor for the functioning of your computer system!


No one can know everything - that's why we have a hotline for our customers , which can be reached around the clock - 24 hours a day , 720 hours per month , 8760 hours per year. We are ALWAYS there for you!