Training concept


New staff cost each company a lot of money. They do not yet know the operations, they are not yet familiar with the functions of equipment and they need to get accustomed with the computer system . Invest in training your employees! The amount of time it takes to learn through "trial and error " stands in no relation to the training costs.


Why pay for training when an experienced colleague can also teach the new colleagues! But how can you teach something that you usually do not even understand completely? This way mistakes in the handling of your computer can be very easily passed on, which usually cost a lot of time . Well-trained trainers are essential for well-trained employees.


No phone. During a training your employees must be practicing immediately and their focus should exclusively be on the workshop. How should your staff learn if he/she is constantly interrupted by the phone to answer questions that are not associated with his/her learning goal?? 


"Everybody wants a TOP IT system , but the functions are used only to 10%."